Streaming Development Tonight

By Michael Kreuter on May 29th, 2015




They decided that the only person in the group who actually took English courses should be the last person to get access to this blog. Jerks. But I’m here now! My name is Mike and I have a busy, crazy life, so you might not have heard of me yet. I’m a more “behind the scenes” guy because looking at my face turns people into stone.


Anyway, I’m here to tell you that exciting things are on the horizon. Interesting things. I can’t release all the details yet, but some of the backend business organization/establishment/incorporation stuff I’ve been helping to work on is going well! As the screenshot at the top of this post shows, we are also making excellent progress on modeling bathrooms! I have to admit that for our current project I haven’t really been paying attention except for the boring business bits so I guess this is a game about bathrooms! I’m excited to find out if it’s going to be something more akin to a life simulator where your avatar has to pee, or if it’s something more like a plumber simulator.


Even better news: We are streaming tonight. We are working on this game (and maybe they’ll tell me what the damn game is actually about!) while showing you what we’re doing. Because privacy is for other people. Even I shall be developing stuff! If you really like javascript you can watch me try to dick with the Trello API.


To join in on the fun:

We should start around 9:00PM.

Small setback and update

By Nicholas Quiggle on April 17th, 2015

Just wanted to post a small update for this month. Progress has been delayed slightly due to some troubles with my computer. So, sadly nothing nothing to show for our game this time around.


However, we have run into an interesting opportunity regarding a small game we created for the Oculus Rift back in 2013 as part of the VRJam. There will be more news on that shortly after we sort out all the details. We’ll definitely be making some improvements to it. For now here’s a video walkthrough of the VRJam UDK build, recorded by Corey Sine, who had helped in its development.



By Nicholas Quiggle on March 21st, 2015

Progress has been coming along nicely on our UE4 project. We will be talking more about it here soon. For now here’s a pretty, but very WIP screenshot.





Microphone Input in UE4

By William Chu on February 22nd, 2015

So for our Unreal Engine 4 project, we’ve been working on a gameplay mechanic involving microphone input. This is something that hasn’t been very well documented in the community so far. We started an Answer Hub thread about it and have since figured it out, but have seen some others still asking. So, sorry for the delay but here are the relevant excerpts for our implementation.



By Nicholas Quiggle on January 6th, 2015



Quote Unquote Studio is a small group of friends who share an interest in game development. In the past we’ve done some mapping and modding for other games as well as a couple standalone experiments which we might post here eventually. At the moment we’re working on a couple of projects, one of which we’re planning to reveal soon. We’ll be using this blog to talk about these games and some aspects of their development.


That’s all there is for now. We’ve got a follow up coming soon about microphone integration in Unreal Engine 4.