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Quote Unquote Studio is a small team of close friends who share an interest in game design. Our interests extend to many genres and design approaches, but at the moment our focus is on unique interactive storytelling.
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August 27, 2013


We submitted Cocoon to the contest, Sunday evening. Our original plans of spending Saturday on testing kind of fell flat – and we worked up ’til the last minute on implementing the last bits of content. Some stuff had to be cut and the final areas are much more simplistic than I would have liked. But at least it’s done!

I would personally love to do a slightly more polished and fleshed out version, but that depends on how interested people would be in it. So I hope people find it worthy of giving feedback on, at the very least. Head over to the Cocoon project page for the download and instructions. Thanks!

Our lack of experience definitely shows, and it was hard to create something good within three weeks. But hopefully our ideas still show well enough. I believe we’re capable of much more given the proper time and resources. Overall, it was a lot of fun working in the UDK and with the Oculus. Definitely looking forward to starting our new, fuller project in the very near future. Brainstorming has already begun.

Nicholas Quiggle
Wrapping up Cocoon
August 23, 2013

So we’ve been working on an experimental horror game for the OculusVR game jam. While not technically impressive, we did our best to create a strange and unique experience. It is abstract in presentation, but the content is tied together well, thematically.

We are wrapping content creation up on the game tonight and spending tomorrow on testing, tweaking, compiling, and uploading the game which we’ll make available sometime next week.

Nicholas Quiggle